About the forge and how-to videos!

Watch this quick video to see what you get in the Handy Forge Box!

Watch this quick video to see how to assemble the Handy Forge!

Please watch this video as it will give you some important safety information you need to follow.

Watch this for some ideas that will make your journey into metalworking start off smoothly. Also, check out the video at the end of this page for some more simple ideas.

Make candy cane ornaments as gifts for the holidays and the Handy Forge will pay for itself right away!

Super simple first project! Turn a nail into a hook.

Here are some simple finishing tools and techniques to get started.

Repurpose old bolts! Here is how to turn an old lag screw into a spoon.

Turn an old hanger bolt into a decorative hook!

How to make a s-hook.

Forge an old file into a knife!

Modify tools with the Handy Forge.

You can forge metal and you don't need expensive tools to do it. Here are some simple ideas to get the ball rolling.